How do I report an extension issue effectively?

We’re all installing and evaluating extensions from the marketplace and often run into an issue that could be a missing feature, misinterpreted feature, or worse, a bug.

How do you get support?

It depends on the extension.

  • You can typically click on Support (1) under Resources, or create a new Issue (2) if it’s an OSS project.
  • For our extensions, published under DevLabs, you’ll find a feedback section at the end of the overview.

What do extension teams need to investigate?

To avoid follow-up email traffic and delays, please gather and submit as much evidence to the extension team as possible.

  1. Use the F12 Debugger Tools to capture any warnings and errors in the Console, associated with the extension.
  2. If you’re having an issue with a dashboard widget, we recommend that you create a temporary dashboard with only the widget. That allows you to focus the console output to the extension and your issue.
  3. If possible, include a Fiddler trace.

Before you submit, please sanitise the evidence so that you’re not leaking any sensitive data!