Roll-up your backlog board and display an aggregated view on your dashboards

We are pleased to announce the Roll-up Board Widget, created by Mikael Krief, allows you to display aggregated views of your backlog boards on your dashboards.


Getting started

  • Install the Roll-up Board extension.
  • Edit overview_edit your dashboard.
  • Select the **Roll-up Board Widget** (1) and click Add (2).
  • Enter a Title (1), select a suitable Size (2), and select a Backlog (3). Click Save (4).
  • Add and arrange one or more of the widgets on your dashboard.
  • Click on the widget to take you to the associated board.

KNOWN ISSUE - There is an oddity that occurs when a work item appears on several boards and has overlapping area path ownerships between two or more teams. This is a current limitation and we are investigating. //2016.11.17 Fixed in version v1.0.29.

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