TFVC Branch Hierarchy Visualization extension revised

The Branch Visualization extension, created by Mikael Krief, Michel Perfetti and Niel Zeeman, allows you to visualize your Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) branches for your current project. The latest revision includes these innovations:

  • Style inspired on the Visual Studio branch hierarchy style
  • The dialog works more like a map, with a red dot identifying the branch of a selected file
  • By default, the dialog only shows the hierarchy related to the selected file
  • All branches expect root branches have rounded borders
  • Fix for history computation bug after M97 deployment

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Known issues and future plans

We are investigating an issue “TF400893: Unable to contact the server. This is most likely caused by a network error. Please check your connection and try again” and working on the following features:

  • Simplify the toolbar and dialog experience
  • Compatibility with on-prem Team Foundation Server 2015

We need your feedback.

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