New Training on the Channel9 Learning Center

The evangelism team is constantly expanding our selection of training courses on Channel9.

This week we launched another set of great learning courses on the new Learning Center. The one that is close to my heart is the High Performance (HPC) course.

I am very proud of my team. Two out of the currently available 8 courses are from my team: Windows Server 2008 R2 and the HPC training.

The new course comes with four units:


This introductory unit presents the motivation for using High Performance Computing. It covers the conceptual basics and presents HPC Server 2008, explaining what can it do for you and how can you start using it. You will also have a glance over how to develop applications that take advantage of the platform and the administrative tools you have available.

Application Development

Developing programs that can execute in parallel to tackle huge amounts of data or very complex calculation needs some specific patterns and techniques. This unit introduces the problem space and the Message Passing Interface, a programming model widely adopted by the industry with implementations on many platforms, including .NET. It also covers additional tools for tuning, tracing and debugging of this types of solutions.


Service Oriented Architectures are key to leverage the power of High Performance Computing from other types of platforms, exposing services to solve particular problems as part of a solution that leverage HPC capabilities, while preserving more traditional programming models for the the rest. This unit presents several scenarios and shows concrete examples of implementations using Windows Communication Foundation on HPC Server.


An important part of leveraging an HPC platform is to have an efficient process for setup, administration and integration of clusters and nodes. This unit explains how to start implementing the platform, schedule jobs and use templates, diagnose and troubleshoot, monitor and tune performance, and how to integrate with other platforms.