How do I pause a test case and move on to running the next test case?


Here is the exact scenario that one of the customer asked:

Testers want to pause some test case and want to resume it later point of time since they don’t have the required data to proceed with the test case and they don’t want to mark them as pass/fail.

Here is the brief description:

1. Test cases are in active state

2. Running the first test case and stopped in between since lack of data.

3. Return to MTM, 1st test case will be “In progress”

4. Select 2nd test case and run that with-out disturbing the state of first test case. (But here MTM prompt to save/don’t save, on click of save, MTM marks the test case as pass. )

5. Later point of time, when he got data he want to resume the paused first test case. 

unfortunately MTM doesn't support the step 4 here. When the first test case is “In Progress” and want to execute 2nd test case, MTM pop-up a dialog asking for save/don't save. On click on save, saves the result and marks the test case as pass. 

The closest thing that tester can do is to mark that test case as blocked (after going through some steps, say step#1 as passed) and pick it up next time.

The Test result will show that certain steps (step#1) were marked passed, but the test case was marked as Blocked. However, the next time around will be a new run and will have to start again from step#1 – you can not start over from middle of a test case.