Collab365 Summit

In a previous blog, I have spoken about SharePoint Tale and referred to a lot of events and communities.

Let me focus in this blog about Collab365 Summit that is going live on the week of 9th May 2016.

It is a conference hosted by Collaboris it contains 100+ sessions of amazing content brought to you by Microsoft - Direct from MS HQ and beyond, community experts and evangelists from right around the globe. Watch Dev sessions, IT Pro and Business sessions. It's all free to attend.

As well as live sessions, live chat and real time twitter feeds, there are more spice to the mix in the form of 2 real-time, tech based, fun as heck quizzes. Compete against your peers, win prizes and unlock new learning opportunities!

Some facts about the event:

  1. It is all free.
  2. It is all online from Microsoft .
  3. You have several tracks to watch if you are ITpro or Developer.
  4.  Chance to win prize.

Check out the agenda

Check out the Speakers Line Up


Written by: John Naguib

Microsoft MVP, Solution Architect/Senior Consultant, Wikininja Blogger, SharePoint Expert and Speaker.