Wiki Admin Notice - Fighting the Wiki spam & Collateral damage

Hello all,

you all have noticed that we got some augmented attention from spammers on TNWiki.
We got some extra reinforcement from MVP spam fighters like Richard Mueller, Sabah Shariq, [Kamlesh Kumar]Ousama EL HOR and some others in the top contributors list (except for the 0 point spammer accounts themselves, not credits for these).

But still the fight is not over, or even getting worse...

Therefore we need your continued help to get rid of this: check this post Wiki Life: How to Report Spam and Pirated/Plagiarized Content.

Due to the high volume of spam, we have slightly changed the approach on deleting spam, which is more aggressive as before.
But we can remove more spam this way.

The disadvantage is that we have some accidental collateral damage, where we might delete some valid Wiki articles as the are drown in the volume of spam.

The moderator's team is on the watch for these accidents, but if you find out your article is deleted by accident, don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know.
We will restore the valid articles a soon as possible.

You know how to reach out, via comments, direct message, mail or, of course the Facebook groups!

Anyway, sorry for the trouble in advance, but we do whatever possible to keep a smooth experience for you.
You are important for us!

We value your knowledge, keep the articles coming!