Mobile Tweets: My Phone Codes

In light of the broad consumer interest for the Microsoft® My Phone service announced this week at Mobile World Congress, several promotional codes are being released to the Microsoft Twitter community.  Of course you could just jump on the waitlist, but here is a short list of Twitterers you should follow for a chance to get a code on the spot.

  • MSMyPhone – The My Phone product team has been tweeting codes throughout the week.
  • windowsmobile – The Windows Mobile Consumer Team will be releasing 15 codes anytime now.
  • wmdev – The Windows Mobile Developer Team is releasing 4 codes today!

Naturally if you are a Windows ® phone consumer or developer, you will want to follow one or more of these groups anyways. 


Oh, and there’s one more opportunity I should mention.  ;-)

987M-HDQM-5UI2-ZNEZ (and … gone)





Based on recent comments I can see that some folks were not aware that the code listed above as well as the codes released publicly via Twitter, are each only valid for single use.  I apologize for not clarifying that in the original post.  That said, it was with the best of intentions that this offer was made, and I apologize if anyone felt that their time was wasted over this promotion.  As always, thank you for taking the time to provide valuable feedback!