Wireless Routers That Rock: First Works With Vista Router

Congratulations to D-Link (powered by Ubicom) for being the first ever to acheive a Windows Vista logo for the DIR-655 wireless router. While Buffalo acheived the premium "Certified for Windows Vista" logo, D-Link was first to meet the baseline "Works with Windows Vista" requirements (months ago). What's the difference between the two you ask? First, the requirements for "works with" certification include: QoS, LLTD for rich Network Maps, WCN, Xbox Live, and more. Our baseline suite of tests ensure these devices are extremely robust. To put things in perspective, the *massive* majority of existing consumer networking products *do not* meet the baseline requirements! Remember, our goal is to transform the consumer networking ecosystem, and these devices do.

The requirement differences between the premium logo and baseline are: IPv6 and concurrent dual-band (2.4 & 5 GHz operation); which are huge feats. premium routers must meet all the baseline requirements in addition to the others. Essentially, the premium class routers are for video (both standard-definiton & high-definition) scenarios, and the baseline routers are for everything else.


I'll keep everyone updated on the new devices that acheive the logo. More to talk about very soon...

-- Gabe Frost