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Azure PowerShell Login “Remember Me”

We use “Remember Me” feature quite a lot in our personal computers for quick login. This seamless experience can be achieved in Azure PowerShell as well. When you work with Azure PowerShell it asks for the login. Once you close the PowerShell windows it automatically clears up the context. You may want to keep it in your local machine based on the preference,


It will save the information in your local \AddData\Roaming\Windows Azure PowerShell folder.

After that login using Add-AzureRmAccount . Now if you close the PowerShell window and open again and type any Azure command it should connect to Azure without prompting you to login again. Though you might have to refresh the login after some day may be once it is expired but definitely not every time you open PowerShell. This is quite handy when you are working with Azure and using PowerShell to tryout many things from a single PC

If you want to clean it then use