Create Games for Windows Phone 7 – Weekly Roundup

Welcome to the first of many weekly round-ups for the “Create Games for Windows Phone 7” educational series, presented by the XNA Creators Club Online.

The Big News:

If you haven’t heard about it, there are free samples, articles – even a whole 2D game lab – all waiting for you at the new Educational Roadmap on the XNA Creators Club Online site. Also, you can look ahead on the roadmap, to see what’s coming up, including some great performance and optimization samples coming soon!


This Week in “Create Games” Education:

The community has been busy!

Andy Wigley and Rob Miles have made Jump Start sessions for Windows Phone 7 – including some great XNA content…

The Windows Phone 7 Training Kit is available on Channel9, including an XNA lab…

Mike Ormond – a UK Developer Evangelist, has advice about using the XNA Framework audio methods from inside Silverlight…

Thomas Altenburger has a great tutorial about Pong created on PC, Xbox, and Windows Phone 7…

Finally, even I had to get into the game and put together a demo of the “Konami Code” for Windows Phone 7…


What’s Coming Up:

This Wednesday, look for an “extra credit” release on the Education Roadmap – we’ll have the following Windows Phone 7 game development samples for your enjoyment:

  • 3D Picking
  • Pathfinding AI
  • Flocking AI
  • Particle System using XML

And, the next part of the official Create Games for Windows Phone 7 Educational Series is right around the corner. Next week, we’ll have a preview of what’s coming!


Want to Contribute?

If you’ve got items for next week’s roundup, send mail to! We’re happy to feature work with XNA Game Studio 4.0 and Windows Phone 7.


-Charles Cox

Program Manager, XNA Creators Club Online