Gamefest 2011 - Open to All!

Gamefest is the premier Microsoft game development conference, bringing together top developers and publishers from across the globe for deep, informative talks by their peers about development technologies, tools, processes, and techniques for game development on Microsoft platforms.

All interactive entertainment developers—professionals and independents—are welcome to attend this year’s Gamefest. XNA Game Studio and Windows Phone 7 will be featured, as well as talks on a variety of subjects relating to Xbox 360 (including Kinect), Xbox LIVE, Windows, and more.

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Call for Submissions

Microsoft’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG) is now accepting submissions for talks to be presented at Gamefest 2011. If you’re interested in submitting a proposal on XNA Game Studio, Windows Phone 7, or other pertinent topics, please see the Call for Submissions on the official Gamefest website.

Talk submissions are due April 4th, so don’t delay!