4B0082 is here

In the past few weeks since PDC, I've been very happy with the tremendous positive response to Indigo. People are asking questions on the newsgroup and lists, publishers and authors are actively planning Indigo books, and the team is busily working towards the beta. Having PM'ed Indigo's PDC debut (including shipping the bits, all the talks (not the keynotes though), labs, booth demos, Ask The Experts and what seems like a dozen other things) I feel relieved that it went over exceedingly well. Though of course there were a few things I'd do differently next time. Now I'm back to owning Whidbey ASMX (ASP.NET Web services) and helping Scot prepare for the Allchin Indigo perf review. I hope to blog more often now (but you've heard that before). We'll see.