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Theresa W. Carey

Manage Projects Involving Multiple Programming Languages

Source Dynamics       Source Dynamics Inc. has released Source Insight 3.0, a project-oriented program editor and program browser designed for large programming projects involving multiple languages. Version 3.0 supports numerous languages, including C/C++, C# from the Microsoft® .NET Framework, Java, JavaScript, JScript®, Perl, PerlScript, Visual Basic®, VBScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), ASP, Java Server Pages (JSP), and HTML. Source Insight 3.0 helps developers understand complex code through dynamic analysis features that explore new relationships within code and discover insight into code.
      The Dynamic Relation Window feature graphs relationships between context-sensitive symbols and can view class hierarchies, call trees, and reference trees. The Syntax Formatting feature offers full rich text formatting with user-defined styles and formatting styles automatically based on lexical and symbolic information about the project.
      Embedded script code, such as VBScript, JScript, JavaScript, PerlScript, CSS, and C# can be browsed symbolically, with full syntax formatting. Object-oriented language parsers and lookup engines can track class and structure members, and decode class inheritance without compiling. The program supports nested classes and structures, C++ class and function templates, and includes symbol syllable indexing so users can enter partial names quickly without knowing exactly how a symbol name begins.
      The context-sensitive Smart Rename feature allows programmers to correctly rename variables, functions, class members, and other identifiers in one step. Context-sensitive lookup references finds correct references to identifiers, such as functions, class members, and variables. Major enhancements to the project database engine allow Source Insight to work with projects having more than a million symbol definitions.
Source Dynamics Inc.
22525 SE 64th Place, Suite 260
Issaquah, WA 98027

Clean Up Your Dataset

DataFlux       DataFlux Corporation has released dfPower Studio 3.4, a data matching, data standardization, and data analysis application that allows users to identify duplicate records, normalize inconsistent data, improve the merging capability of data from dissimilar data sources, and identify critical data intelligence issues.
      Some of the new features in version 3.4 include automatic generation of pure SQL, added flexibility that empowers users to augment and customize business logic, and capitalization functionality. Version 3.4 offers connectivity to more than 60 databases, including Microsoft SQL Serverâ„¢, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and Informix. It works with data directly within a database and does not require unloading, manipulation, and reloading of data.
      One added feature is the capability to generate SQL statements. Users will now be able to generate pure SQL based on automatically generated or manually developed standardization logic for use as part of a standardization process outside of dfPower Studio, typically in a data load or transformation scenario. Users can also perform on-screen editing of generated standardization logic/schemes to extend and customize the results of the automatically generated standardization process directly on the scheme grid. Changes can be applied in a single instance or universally.
      The enhancement of capitalization capabilities means that dfPower Studio can now be used to change the case as desired for any data within a database. Users can easily change data to proper, lower, and upper case with a few clicks.
      Additional features in dfPower Studio 3.4 include improvements in matching algorithms, clustering logic, batch functionality, and GUI enhancements. A trial version of dfPower Studio 3.4 is available for download at
DataFlux Corporation
3801 Lake Boone Trail
Suite 150
Raleigh, NC 27607

Legally Binding Online Transactions

iLumin       iLumin is now shipping Digital Handshake Server 3.1, which enables secure and private legally binding online transactions. Digital Handshake Server 3.1 is based on the Java language, digital signatures (PKI), XML, and Web-enabled applications.
      There are three components of Digital Handshake Server's architecture. First is a secure Online Signing Room, where authenticated business participants can originate, review, modify, and digitally sign documents, thereby enabling all parties to rapidly and efficiently collaborate on, agree, sign, execute, and close a transaction regardless of distance, location, or time zones.
      The second component, Digital Clerk, manages all the processes a clerk would, such as time and date stamp, update databases, interact with third-party or internal/external workflow, notarize and record, or file digitally signed documents. Digital Clerk automates transactions at the data-, document- and transaction-level, manages business flow and exchange of data between enterprise databases, and other in-house IT systems. Digital Clerk also creates an audit trail known as a Digital Thumbprint, a permanent record of all actions involved in a transaction.
      The third component is an iCabinet, where tamper-proof electronic documents can be archived online, securely retrieved, reviewed, and audited at any time by any of the transaction's participating parties. iLumin's Digital Handshake Server 3.1 enables transactions to be completed in real time over the Internet, an intranet, or a LAN, allowing businesses, governments and their partners, and customers to expedite a process that once took days, weeks, or months for documents to be written, completed, signed, mailed, returned, filed, and re-keyed into an information system.
      Digital Handshake Server 3.1 supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x, Oracle 8i, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Supported platforms include Windows NT® 4.0 Service Pack 6, Windows® 2000, Windows 98, and Windows 95 OSR2. Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6 and Windows 2000 are supported on the server side.
1506 North Technology Way
Building D, Suite 3000
Orem, UT 84097

Automate Your Help Desk

NetKeeper       Multima Corporation recently announced the release of NetKeeper HD Mail 7, an automation and artificial intelligence system that processes incoming Web and e-mail messages to the support center. NetKeeper HD Mail supports multiple e-mail addresses. Each address can correspond to a different request type to provide the necessary flexibility to handle the many types of incoming requests. NetKeeper can be set up with multiple mailboxes to handle different request types such as tech support, RMA support, or RFIs (requests for information).
      The system sends out auto responses based on the type of incoming e-mail so that customers and users receive immediate feedback. NetKeeper HD Mail automatically assigns the service requests to technicians or service queues and sends notification via e-mail and alphanumeric paging.
      NetKeeper HD Mail routes incoming e-mail messages to the customer service staff based on the business rules set up by the service center administrators. The system routes messages based on any part of the e-mail message such as type request or customer information or from customer information previously stored in the NetKeeper customer database. The incoming e-mail requests appear in the NetKeeper Help Desk and CRM programs the same as service requests entered by the staff. NetKeeper HD Mail automatically attaches the service request to the correct customer account so that the staff can view the customer's record of previous requests and resolutions.
      NetKeeper HD Mail also attaches the entire e-mail message to service call in the user's own words. The technicians can reassign, modify, send e-mail responses, or close the service requests created by NetKeeper HD Mail. NetKeeper HD Mail integrates with NetKeeper Help Desk/CRM software and can also be used as a standalone system. The program is a server service and requires a dedicated PC, however it can be combined with other NetKeeper services.
Multima Corporation
One Rosewood Court
East Greenwich, RI 02818

Remote Control for "Whistler"

Vector Networks       Vector Networks has announced a new version of NetSupport PC-Duo, their PC remote control software, which now runs with the current Beta release of "Whistler," code name for Microsoft's next iteration of the Windows operating system. In the new version, Vector has included new functionality including CAPI support for ISDN clients, WakeOnLAN support, improved ActiveX® control security, as well as enhancements to support the release of Windows 2000 SP1. These additions enhance the Group File Transfer and Advanced Scripting, Remote Clipboard, Request Help, Chat, Automated Roll-Out, and Quiet Mode, which is currently included in the feature set.
      Additional security features have also been included, such as a hot key disconnect capability, which allows a user to terminate a remote session. This feature is of special importance in highly sensitive environments where a user may want to prevent support staff from accessing a PC, even though they would normally have access rights set.
      PC-Duo is also available bundled with Vector's PC system auditing and software distribution product, the LANutil32 Suite, under the LANutil32 Elite brand name. This combination provides help desk, system administration, and support staff with a relational database that has highly detailed information on desktop hardware and software configurations, and the capability to roll out regular updates to desktop applications.
Vector Networks
3425-F Corporate Way
Atlanta, GA 30096
800-330-5035, 770-622-2850

Quick Takes

Lose Your Mind Development       Lose Your Mind Development has released FontReview 2.6, a replacement for the font viewing tool (fontview.exe) that ships with Windows. FontReview is integrated into the Windows Explorer interface and allows users to view, print, and install TrueType fonts with a few clicks. You can view both installed and uninstalled font files right from Windows Explorer. FontReview also shows a complete font character chart, the list of included kerning pairs, and all documentation contained inside a TrueType file. Users can print three professional-looking sample sheets and a character set chart for any TrueType font with the software. FontReview also works with and identifies OpenType® fonts. FontReview runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000. For a full feature list and a fully functional trial version see
Theresa W. Carey is a freelance writer who lives in California. Her byline has appeared in Barron's and PC World. You can send her New Stuff at

From the February 2001 issue of MSDN Magazine