January 2011

January 2011 Issue

ASP.NET Dynamic Data: Build a Data-Driven Enterprise Web Site in 5 Minutes
It used to be a chore to build data-driven web apps with CRUD functionality. ASP.NET Dynamic Data makes it much easier to wire up a fully customized front end for your application. We'll show you how.
James E. Henry

Windows Foundation 4: Authoring Custom Control Flow Activities in WF 4
Control flow options in Windows Workflow Foundation 4 are not limited to the activities shipped in the framework. You can write your own and use them in combination with the ones provided in the box, as Leon Welicki describes.
Leon Welicki


Visual Studio:  Use Multiple Visual Studio Project Types for Cloud Success
Patrick Foley explains how he took advantage of the strengths of several different Visual Studio project types to solve a real-world problem with a cloud-based, data-centric Web site.
Patrick Foley

Workflow Services: Scalable, Long-Running Workflows with Windows Server AppFabric
Windows Server AppFabric provides tools that make it easy to deploy, configure and run highly scalable web applications. We’ll show you how to use Azure to build highly scalable, long-running workflows with built-in persistence.
Rafael Godinho

Silverlight Exposed: Using MEF to Expose Interfaces in Your Silverlight MVVM Apps
Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) lets you expose interfaces and classes in your Silverlight apps without having to expose the real implementation. We'll show you how it works.
Sandrino Di

Parallel Computing: Data Processing: Parallelism and Performance
How can you use parallel coding techniques to squeeze the utmost performance out of multi-core systems when processing data? There are many different approaches, but we show you the absolute best.
Johnson Hart


Editor's Note:
Change the World!

Tim Berners-Lee brought about the World Wide Web. What about you?
Keith Ward

Don't Get Me Started:
Turn! Turn! Turn!

David Platt comes up with his own lyrics depicting the seasons of a developer.
David Platt

The Working Programmer:
Multiparadigmatic .NET, Part 5: Automatic Metaprogramming

Inheritance stands at the center of the object-oriented paradigm, but it isn’t always the best solution for all problems in OO programming, and despite its flaws and pitfalls, automatic metaprogramming, or code generation, is a useful tool to keep in your toolbox.
Ted Neward

UI Frontiers:
A Color Scroll for XNA

Charles this month serves up an introduction to XNA programming for Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight coders as he shows you how to build a color scroll control for Windows Phone 7.
Charles Petzold

Cutting Edge:
Interceptors in Unity

The Unity framework provides dependency injection for .NET applications. We'll show you how to leverage the interception API in Unity 2.0 to inject your own functionality into exiting code.
Dino Esposito

Forecast: Cloudy:
Branch-Node Synchronization with SQL Azure

Learn how to use SQL Azure and the Sync Framework to move data between the corporate data center, various branches and individual devices.
Joseph Fultz

Visual Studio Tools and Extensions

If Visual Studio is your IDE of choice, you have a plethora of tools to make it even better. Here’s a selection of some of the most valuable ones.
Terrence Dorsey