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MSDN Magazine September 2011 issue


With the new Database Project in the latest version of SQL Server Developer Tools, you can now perform your database development in the same environment as your application development. We introduce the new release.
Jamie Laflen

David Platt

Don't Get Me Started:
Is Design

The user experience is determined by your development skills, and not how pretty your UI is.
David Platt


ALM Guidance: Visual Studio ALM Rangers—Reflections on Virtual Teams

ALM Guidance: Visual Studio ALM Rangers—Reflections on Virtual Teams
Who wants to get up at 3 a.m. for a status meeting? Learn valuable lessons about organizing and managing teams with...
Willy-Peter Schaub and Brian Blackman

Entity Framework: New Features in the Entity Framework June CTP

Entity Framework:  New Features in the Entity Framework June CTP
The Microsoft Entity Framework (EF) June 2011 CTP brings support for a number of the features developers want most, like enums...
Srikanth Mandadi

Open Data Protocol: Build Great Experiences on Any Device with OData

Open Data Protocol:  Build Great Experiences on Any Device with OData
With smartphone shipments recently outpacing PC shipments for the first time, many organizations want to target client...
Shayne Burgess

F# Programming: Build MVVM Applications in F#

F# Programming: Build MVVM Applications in F#
F# is known for its ability to simplify complicated problems, but it’s far more than that. Chris Marinos shows you how to use...
Chris Marinos

Building Apps with HTML5: No Browser Left Behind: An HTML5 Adoption Strategy

Building Apps with HTML5: No Browser Left Behind: An HTML5 Adoption Strategy
As much as the development community and latest browsers are pushing the HTML5 hype up to a fever pitch, the vast majority of...
Brandon Satrom


Dino EspositoCutting Edge: Software Disasters: Recovery and Prevention Strategies

Have you ever had to deal with the infamous “big ball of mud” clogging up your project?
Dino Esposito

The Working Programmer
Multiparadigmatic .NET, Part 10: Choosing an Approach
In this last article in his series on multiparadigmatic programming, Ted Neward helps you think about...
Ted Neward

Windows with C++
The Thread Pool Environment
Our resident C++ guru continues his exploration of the thread pool, this month examining objects that...
Kenny Kerr

Data Points
Second-Level Caching in the Entity Framework and Microsoft Azure
Sometimes useful state information about an Entity Framework context is lost when the context goes out...
Julie Lerman

UI Frontiers
Touch for Text
Text selection can be awkward on a touch interface, but it offers too many benefits to ignore. Charles...
Charles Petzold

Forecast: Cloudy
Reporting on Diagnostics Data
The SQL Azure Reporting CTP gives developers a familiar paradigm for developing and distributing...
Joseph Fultz

Editor's Note
'Mango': Innovation from the Inside Out
Michael Desmond's first Editor's Note looks to the broad implications of the Windows...
Michael Desmond