April 2012

Volume 27 Number 04

April 2012 Code Downloads

Building HTML5 Applications - Using CSS3 Media Queries to Build a More Responsive Web

Support for CSS3 Media Queries across all major desktop and mobile browsers means you can use context clues to deliver tailored experiences for a wide range of devices, as Brandon Satrom explains.

C++ - A Code-Based Introduction to C++ AMP (no longer available)
The C++ compiler shipping with Visual Studio 11 adds heterogeneous platform support through a technology called C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism. C++ AMP is a data parallel API that enables developers to take advantage of the performance of accelerators such as GPUs for executing their data parallel algorithms. This article introduces the C++ AMP API.

C++ AMP - Introduction to Tiling in C++ AMP

In C++ AMP, the most common and first step to dialing up performance gains to the next level is through a technique called tiling. This article picks up where Daniel Moth’s introduction to C++ AMP left off, and explains how to tile your C++ AMP algorithms.

Client Insight - Using JsRender with JavaScript and HTML

John Papa explores JsRender, the emergent technology poised to replace jQuery Templates.

Kinect - Context-Aware Dialogue with Kinect

Project Lily, a Kinect-enabled Windows Presentation Foundation application, represents an attempt to advance the means of context-aware dialogue as well as multi-modal communication through the creation of a virtual office assistant.
VB version

Microsoft Office - Integrating Windows Workflow Foundation with the OpenXML SDK

Learn how you can use the OpenXML SDK 2.0 to integrate Microsoft Office-compatible documents with Windows Workflow Foundation, without having to interact directly with the Office applications.

Test Run - Bacterial Foraging Optimization (no longer available)

Test Run - Bacterial Foraging Optimization (no longer available)
Facing a tough numerical optimization problem? A probabilistic technique that models the food-seeking and reproductive behavior of common bacteria might be able to help.
VB version

Touch and Go - Musical Instruments for Windows Phone

What could be more fun than combining audio streaming with multi-touch and turning your phone into an electronic music instrument? Charles Petzold shows you how.
VB version