February 2012

Volume 27 Number 02

Building HTML5 Applications - Practical Cross-Browser HTML5 Audio and Video

John Dyer explores the benefits of using HTML5 for media playback as well as some of the major issues developers face when doing so.
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Windows Workflow Foundation - What's New in Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5

The next version of Windows Workflow Foundation introduces a range of new features and capabilities, based on lots of customer feedback. Leon Welicki gives you the details.
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Client Insight - Getting Started with Knockout

This inaugural Client Insights column explains how to get started with the Knockout JavaScript library by learning how and where to use it.
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Test Run - Ant Colony Optimization

James McCaffrey introduces the Ant Colony Optimization algorithm, an artificial intelligence technique based on the pheromone-laying behavior of ants.
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Touch and Go - Background Audio on Windows Phone 7.5

Windows Phone 7.5 introduces the concept of a background agent, which you can use for playing either music files or streaming audio while your program is suspended. Charles Petzold shows you how to play audio files in the background.
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