October 2012

Volume 27 Number 10

October 2012 Code Downloads

OData - OData, the Entity Framework and Windows Azure Access Control

When Sean Iannuzzi was asked to secure a Web service for an existing database and Web application, he saw the benefits of using OData, but he didn’t think it was secure enough. See how he developed his own custom implementation with extra security.
VB version

Test Run - Neural Network Back-Propagation for Programmers

Back-propagation is a complex, but tricky to code, algorithm that can be used to train a neural network. James McCaffrey explains how to implement back-propagation.
VB version

Touch and Go - Viewing the Night Sky on Your Windows Phone

Charles Petzold concludes his four-part exploration of motion sensors in the Windows Phone platform, building an application that lets users interact with planets and constellations in the night sky.
VB version

TPL - Horizontal Scalability for Parallel Execution of Tasks

The Task Parallel Library (TPL) provides all the necessary infrastructure to achieve optimal utilization of CPU resources within a single multicore computer. Now you can also implement an approach that scales across computer’s boundaries--useful for workload automation and batch processing scenarios.
VB version

Windows Phone - Building an App for Both Windows Phone and iOS

Find out how you can create an app from scratch that targets both Windows Phone and iPhone, while staying true to the design philosophy and UX features of each platform.
VB version

Windows Phone - Tombstoning and the Zen of Async for Windows Phone

Ben Day walks you through some of the architectural decisions and mistakes he made in his first Windows Phone application, and shows how you can avoid them in your own Windows Phone apps.