February 2013

Volume 28 Number 02

February 2013 Code Downloads

February 2013

ASP.NET - Building a Simple Comet Application in the Microsoft .NET Framework

Develop interactive Web applications that don't rely on polling or users posting back the page, using just .NET technologies.
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Async Programming - Async Causality Chain Tracking

Learn how .NET Framework 4.5 enables developers to track and deduce causality/return stacks while debugging or investigating production failures.
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Data Clustering - Detecting Abnormal Data Using k-Means Clustering

Learn how C# developers can use k-Means clustering to group data items into similar clusters and enable detection of abnormal data.
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DirectX Factor - Constructing Audio Oscillators for Windows 8

Windows 8 combines a high-performance audio API with touch screens on hand-held tablets. Join with Charles Petzold as he explores the potential this combination offers for creating musical instruments.

Modern Apps - Create Windows Store Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript

Learn about the Windows Store market opportunity, as well what language, tool and technology choices are available to help you get started writing apps or games.

MVVM - IOC Containers and MVVM

In recent years, dependency injection (DI) and inversion of control (IOC) have gained popularity as means for creating and retrieving instances of classes in applications and libraries. This article examines these mechanisms, using MVVM Light's SimpleIoc to illustrate the usefulness of implementing an IOC container in MVVM-based applications.

StreamInsight - Taming the Event Stream: Fast Approximate Counting

Explore the power of StreamInsight by developing a custom stream operator for fast approximation of event counts in a window.

Test Run - Naive Bayes Classification with C#

Naive Bayes classification is a fundamental machine-learning technique that can predict which category a data case belongs to. James McCaffrey explains how it works and gives you the foundation for adding prediction features to your .NET applications.
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