September 2013

Volume 28 Number 9

September 2013 Code Downloads

C++ - Using the C++ REST SDK in Windows Store Apps

Learn how to use authentication while uploading a file to Dropbox, using as much portable C++ code as possible, and interfacing with the Windows Runtime only when necessary.

Data Points - Coding for Domain-Driven Design: Tips for Data-Focused Devs, Part 2

In the second column in her series on Domain Driven Design, Julie Lerman shares more tips for data-first developers who are interested in benefiting from some of the coding patterns of DDD.
VB Version

DirectX Factor - Direct2D Geometries and Their Manipulations

Charles Petzold explores the ID2D1Geometry interface and some of the intriguing methods it defines for manipulating geometries to create different geometries.

MVVM - Writing a Cross-Platform Presentation Layer with MVVM

By leveraging MVVM, some other common design patterns, and a few tricks, you can write a cross-platform presentation layer that will work on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, as Brent Edwards explains.
VB version

Test Run - Multi-Swarm Optimization

Multi-swarm optimization, a technique for estimating the solution to difficult or impossible numerical problems, may be simpler to implement and easier to customize than other general-purpose numerical optimization approaches, as James McCaffrey explains.
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Windows Phone - Adding FTP Support in Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 lacks support for FTP. Learn how to create an FTP library and a simple FTP client application for your Windows Phone 8 devices and enable your enterprise users to access files over their phones.
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