December 2014

Volume 29 Number 12

December 2014 Code Downloads

Data Points - A Pattern for Sharing Data Across Domain-Driven Design Bounded Contexts, Part 2

Julie Lerman continues her exploration of sharing data across DDD bounded contexts using a publish-subscribe pattern by looking into when it makes sense to publish messages.
VB version

Test Run - Fireworks Algorithm Optimization

James McCaffrey describes a relatively new optimization technique called fireworks algorithm optimization that, when displayed visually, resembles the geometry of exploding fireworks.
VB version

Universal Apps - Equip Your Apps with OBEX

This article will give a custom API set that allows developers to use Bluetooth to communicate between Windows Phone 8 apps because, as the proposal states, that functionality doesn't exist. But it does. About three weeks ago, MS released a complete Bluetooth for Phone 8 API set.

Voice Recognition - Speech Recognition with .NET Desktop Applications

Get started exploring speech recognition and speech synthesis in .NET applications.
VB version