October 2014

Volume 29 Number 10

October 2014 Code Downloads

Data Points - A Pattern for Sharing Data Across Domain-Driven Design Bounded Contexts

Julie Lerman explores a way to mirror data as one scenario for sharing data across DDD bounded contexts.
VB version

DirectX Factor - Pixel Shaders and the Reflection of Light

Charles Petzold brings his series on DirectX to a close with an exploration of the classic Gouraud and Phong 3D light shading models.

Modern Apps - Use SignalR to Build Modern Apps

SignalR is a set of server and client libraries that lets you develop apps with dynamic, real-time, two-way communication.

Test Run - Probit Classification Using C#

James McCaffrey explores probit classification, a machine learning technique for making predictions in situations where the dependent variable to predict can take one of just two possible values.
VB version