April 2016

Volume 31 Number 4

April 2016 Code Downloads

Big Data - Data Processing and Machine Learning on Spark

The open source Apache Spark framework is the current leader in the Big Data processing and analytics space. This article shows how to deploy Spark on Azure and use it to solve machine learning (ML) problems.

Data Points - Handling the State of Disconnected Entities in EF

Julie Lerman looks at the enduring problem of disconnected data and presents a simple recipe for dealing with it in EF6 and the upcoming EF Core.
VB version

Essential .NET - Logging with .NET Core

Excel’s implementation of CSV import and export has become the de-facto standard. While most CSV files will fall in line with Excel’s implementation, not every file will. Frank La Vigne introduces a strategy to handle such uncertainty.

Modern Apps - Writing UWP Apps for the Internet of Things

For developers used to writing code, creating the actual “things” for the Internet of Things might be intimidating. This article aims to make Makers out of coders, building a Raspberry Pi 2-based device running UWP apps on Windows 10 IoT Core.