Connect(); 2016

Volume 31 Number 12

Connect(); 2016 Code Downloads

.NET Framework - What's New in C# 7.0

The team is now buttoning down development on C# 7.0, and Visual Studio 15 Preview 5 is expected to implement virtually all of the new features. Come along as Mark Michaelis explores each of the new features in detail, including deconstructors, pattern matching with is and switch, local variables, and more.

Mobile - Embedding Native Views in Your Xamarin.Forms Apps

Native view embedding allows you to directly reference iOS, Android and Windows native controls right in your Xamarin.Forms XAML files. You can assign them properties, handle events, and use them with nearly as much flexibility as the standard Xamarin.Forms controls to improve cross-platform mobile development.

Xamarin Workbooks - The (Interactive) Future of Technical Docs

Xamarin Workbooks bring interactive documentation plus live coding to mobile and desktop application development, letting you learn and experiment with the entire native SDKs for Android, iOS, Mac, and WPF. Craig Dunn gets you started.