March 2016

Volume 31 Number 3

March 2016 Code Downloads

C# - Discrete Event Simulation: A Population Growth Example

This article demonstrates how to create a discrete event simulation for modeling the growth of a population, using C#.
VB version

Modern Apps - Parsing CSV Files in UWP Apps

Excel’s implementation of CSV import and export has become the de-facto standard. While most CSV files will fall in line with Excel’s implementation, not every file will. Frank La Vigne introduces a strategy to handle such uncertainty.

Python - Introduction to SciPy Programming for C# Developers

James McCaffrey takes you on a quick tour of programming with SciPy, then walks you through a representative program that uses SciPy to solve a system of linear equations, in order to demonstrate similarities and differences with C# programming.

Test Run - Neural Network Regression

Neural network regression is arguably the most powerful form of regression. If you want to explore this potent tool for predicting the values of certain variables based on one or more independent variables, James McCaffrey helps get you get up and running.
VB version