October 2016

Volume 31 Number 10

October 2016 Code Downloads

Bing Maps - Create Interactive Geo-Applications Using Bing Maps 8

Learn how to build interactive geo-applications with the new Bing Maps 8 library. James McCaffrey presents two Web applications that demonstrate some of its most interesting features, which respectively enable user interaction and allow users to deal with large amounts of data.

Cognitive Services - Face and Emotion Recognition in Xamarin.Forms with Microsoft Cognitive Services

This article explains how you can recognize face attributes and emotions using the new Face and Emotion APIs from the Microsoft Cognitive Services in Xamarin.Forms by either loading existing pictures or taking pictures from the camera.

Cutting Edge - Event-Command-Saga Approach for Business Logic

Dino Esposito presents a .NET-based framework specifically devised to implement the business logic of applications using relatively new concepts such as commands and sagas.
VB version

Data Points - Run EF Core on Both .NET Framework and .NET Core

Entity Framework Core (EF Core) is the newest version of EF and runs equally well on both the full .Net Framework and the cross-platform .NET Core. Julie Lerman walks you through two projects that explore how to use EF Core in APIs and applications that run across both frameworks.
VB version

Test Run - ANOVA with C#

James McCaffrey explains and shows how to code a classic statistical technique—analysis of variance (ANOVA), which is used to tell if the averages of three or more groups are equal, in situations where you only have sample data.
VB version

Universal Windows Platform - Working with Memory Limits and Task Priorities in the UWP

Learn how system resource management affects Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, and the techniques that you can use to take part in this management and to profile and tune your app.
VB version

Windows Service - Create a Customizable FileSystemWatcher Windows Service

Learn how to write a Windows service application that monitors file system changes and allows you to easily change the application’s settings simply by updating an XML file and restarting the service.
VB version