April 2017

Volume 32 Number 4

April 2017 Code Downloads

Containers - Modernizing Traditional .NET Apps with Docker

Docker and Windows Server 2016 give apps a new lease on life, adding features, increasing security and performance, and moving towards continuous deployment without an lengthy and expensive rebuild project.
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Data Points - Tips for Building Tests with EF Core and Its InMemory Provider

The new EF Core InMemory provider can prove useful when your tests don’t require actual database interaction. Julie Lerman provides an introduction to this handy tool and shares some tips and tricks about creating automated tests with EF Core she discovered while learning to use it.
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Essential .NET - Understanding C# foreach Internals and Custom Iterators with yield

Mark Michaelis delves Into the internals of a core construct of C# —the foreach statement—then explores implementing the foreach collection interfaces using the yield statement.

Modern Apps - Exploring the Map Control

The UWP comes equipped with a fully functional Map control that leverages the power and imagery of Bing’s mapping services. In this column, you’ll explore the Map control and learn just how easy it is to add to your apps.

Test Run - Kernel Perceptrons using C#

Unlike ordinary perceptrons, which can perform binary classification on simple, linearly separable data, a kernel perceptron can be used to handle non-linearly-separable data. The demo program in this article creates a prediction model using a kernel perceptron, as James McCaffrey explains.
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UWP Apps - Develop Hosted Web Apps for UWP

The Project Westminster bridge enables Web developers to bring their responsive Web applications to the Windows Platform by leveraging existing code. Learn how to align Web apps to deliver the best UX possible while running as a platform app.