July 2017

Volume 32 Number 7

July 2017 Code Downloads

ASP.NET Core - ASP.NET Core with Angular, Web API and Azure DocumentDB

Angular, Web API and Azure DocumentDB are each great technologies to have in your development arsenal. Combined they enable developers to quickly build apps at scale.

Data Points - On-the-Fly SQL Servers with Docker

Julie Lerman shows you a simple way to share a pre-configured database along with a SQL Server across your team, allowing everyone to have a locally running server and a local copy of the database. And, because you’re doing it all with a container, nobody needs to install SQL Server on their computer or execute any scripts to get the database set up for use.

Machine Learning - Introduction to the Microsoft CNTK v2.0 Library

Learn how to use the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), a powerful, open source library that lets you create machine learning prediction models—in particular, deep neural networks that are at the forefront of artificial intelligence efforts such as Cortana and self-driving automobiles.

Machine Learning - Scale Applications with Microsoft Azure Redis and Machine Learning

Stefano Tempesta presents design best practices and code examples for implementing the Azure Redis Cache and tuning the performance of ASP.NET MVC applications. Learn to optimize cache hit ratios and reduce “miss rates” with smart algorithms processed by machine learning.

Modern Apps - Launch Other Applications from Your UWP App

Easily extend the feature set of your Universal Windows Platform apps by launching other apps pre-populated with data using protocol activation.