October 2017

Volume 32 Number 10

October 2017 Code Downloads

Data Points - DDD-Friendlier EF Core 2.0, Part 2

Julie Lerman continues her discussion of EF Core 2.0 features that align nicely with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) principles, this time evolving the classes to look more like what you’d write for a real-world implementation of DDD patterns.
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C++ - From Algorithms to Coroutines in C++

It's often said that C++ developers should expunge all naked for loops and replace them with algorithms. Kenny Kerr gets after that goal with his effort to build a range algorithm using C++ coroutines.

C# - Write a Windows Device Portal Packaged Plug-in

Windows Device Portal (WDP) is a web-based diagnostics system that is built into most editions of Windows.  With the Windows 10 Creators Update, developers can extend their Windows Store apps with custom REST APIs, by using the Windows Device Portal API to implement a WDP packaged plugin.  This article walks the reader through creating and testing a Windows Device Portal packaged plugin.

Test Run - Time-Series Regression Using a C# Neural Network

Time-series regression is used to make predictions based on historical time data. James McCaffrey demonstrates how to perform this kind of analysis using rolling-window data combined with a neural network, which can lead to more accurate results.
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