July 2018

Volume 33 Number 7

Machine Learning - Machine Learning with IoT Devices on the Edge

[Machine Learning]

Machine Learning with IoT Devices on the Edge

James McCaffrey

James McCaffrey explains two ways to design ML on the edge, one that uses a custom model and IO function and a second that uses the Microsoft Embedded Learning Library to deploy an ML model to an IoT device.

Data Points - EF Core 2.1 Query TypesColumn

[Data Points]

EF Core 2.1 Query Types

Julie Lerman

Julie Lerman delves into the new EF Core 2.1 Query Type feature, which lets you more easily query a database without needing true entities with key properties to consume the results.

Cognitive Services - Improving LUIS Intent Classifications

[Cognitive Services]

Improving LUIS Intent Classifications

Zvi Topol

The Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) enables powerful and intelligent voice-driven interaction. This article introduces two open source frameworks, Scattertext and LIME, and shows how to use them to train LUIS more effectively.

The Working Programmer - How To Be MEAN: Dynamically AngularColumn

[The Working Programmer]

How To Be MEAN: Dynamically Angular

Ted Neward

Ted Neward extends his exploration of building forms with Angular, by showing how to create a Web-based questionnaire that dynamically generates fields based on the types of questions drawn from an external source, such as JSON service or file.

Blockchain - Decentralized Applications with Azure Blockchain as a Service


Decentralized Applications with Azure Blockchain as a Service

Stefano Tempesta

Blockchain has emerged as a solution for streamlining business processes, verifying transactions, and reducing the potential for fraud. This article introduces Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) in Microsoft Azure to build a secured data structure and create a distributed transactional digital ledger.

Cutting Edge - Online Users, Streaming and Other SignalR GoodiesColumn

[Cutting Edge]

Online Users, Streaming and Other SignalR Goodies

Dino Esposito

In the second column in a series on ASP.NET Core SignalR, Dino Esposito delves deep into a number of intriguing features in the framework, including streaming and online user counts.

Test Run - Introduction to DNN Image Classification Using CNTKColumn

[Test Run]

Introduction to DNN Image Classification Using CNTK

James McCaffrey

Though the use of a convolutional neural network (CNN) is now more common for image classification, for simple image classification tasks, using a standard deep neural network (DNN) is easier and often just as or even more effective. In this article, James McCaffrey explains the DNN approach, using the Microsoft CNTK library.

Don't Get Me Started - Building Better MeetingsColumn

[Don't Get Me Started]

Building Better Meetings

David S. Platt

David Platt hit the road in May to attend the Build Conference in Seattle. He says Microsoft's AI vision could transform meetings.

Editor's Note - Mastering BlockchainColumn

[Editor's Note]

Mastering Blockchain

Michael Desmond

Our coverage of blockchain technology continues, with Stefano Tempesta's look at Azure Blockchain as a Service.