October 2018

Volume 33 Number 10

Azure - Deploying to Azure App Service and Azure Functions


Deploying to Azure App Service and Azure Functions

Stuart Leeks

Stuart Leeks introduces the wide range of deployment options for Microsoft Azure App Service and Azure Functions—from zip files and Cloud Sync to FTP and Git. He also presents the new Run From Package method, which provides benefits that can improve performance and ease version management.

Data Points - Logging SQL and Change-Tracking Events in EF CoreColumn

[Data Points]

Logging SQL and Change-Tracking Events in EF Core

Julie Lerman

Julie Lerman introduces you to the new logging APIs in .NET Core, concentrating on SQL and change-tracking events, with a focus on providers that output to the console and the debugger.

GPU Programming - Face Detection Using the Eigenfaces Algorithm on the GPU

[GPU Programming]

Face Detection Using the Eigenfaces Algorithm on the GPU

Kishore Mulchandani

GPUs are ideally suited for data-parallel computation tasks that are computationally intensive, such as face detection in images. Kishore Mulchandani demonstrates the use of the GPU in detecting areas representing faces in a photograph using the eigenfaces algorithm.

Artificially Intelligent - Introduction to Reinforcement LearningColumn

[Artificially Intelligent]

Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

Frank La

Frank La Vigne explores reinforcement learning, a computational approach to goal-oriented machine learning through interaction with the environment under ideal learning conditions.

Essential .NET - How to Contribute to Microsoft Open Source Software Projects

[Essential .NET]

How to Contribute to Microsoft Open Source Software Projects

Mark Michaelis

Microsoft has open sourced some of its most important frameworks and technologies, including .NET Framework and C#, and hosts nearly 2,000 open source projects on GitHub. Mark Michaelis explores the ins and outs of contributing to Microsoft projects.

Cutting Edge - Blazor at Work: Events, Binding and CompositionColumn

[Cutting Edge]

Blazor at Work: Events, Binding and Composition

Dino Esposito

Microsoft is bringing .NET to the browser with Blazor. In his second column in a series, Dino Esposito explores the user interface of a Blazor application, which is made of HTML and CSS bound to JSON data and glued together by C# and JavaScript code.

Xamarin - Augmented Reality in Xamarin.Forms


Augmented Reality in Xamarin.Forms

Rajeev K

Xamarin.Forms has emerged as a valuable resource for reusing UI code and assets in enterprise development. Learn how to create immersive, augmented reality apps using Xamarin.Forms with the ARKit SDK for Apple iOS or ARCore SDK for Android.

Test Run - Sentiment Analysis Using CNTKColumn

[Test Run]

Sentiment Analysis Using CNTK

James McCaffrey

Creating a custom sentiment analysis model is challenging, but it becomes feasible with the help of the Microsoft CNTK library. James McCaffrey presents a demo program that gives you all the information you need to get started on a production-quality system.


[Don't Get Me Started]

Reading the T Leaves

David S. Platt

David Platt says lectures and code samples go only so far in preparing students for life in the real world as developers. This month he looks at the work his students are doing to create intuitive apps for the MBTA—the greater Boston transit agency better known as “the T.”

Editor's Note - Open SoarsColumn

[Editor's Note]

Open Soars

Michael Desmond

Believe it or not, there was a time when Microsoft wasn’t entirely on board with this open source software thing. Crazy, right? But with nearly 2,000 projects on GitHub—including behemoths like .NET Framework and Xamarin—Microsoft has emerged as a leader in the open source space.