November 2019

Volume 34 Number 11

November 2019 Code Downloads

Artificially Intelligent - Exploring Face Detection and Recognition

Tools like the Microsoft Cognitive Services Face API have made face recognition broadly available. Frank La Vigne explores the fundamental science behind face recognition, and how it has created significant new opportunities and challenges.

C# - Iterating with Async Enumerables in C# 8

C# 8 and .NET Core 3.0 introduce async enumerables. This article explores the underpinnings of the language and runtime support for producing and consuming these helpful new constructs.

Data Points - Backing Field and Owned Entity Changes in EF Core 3.0

In her final column for MSDN Magazine, Julie Lerman focuses on changes in Entity Framework Core 3.0 that improve the experience working with encapsulating logic with backing fields and the mapping of value objects.

Data Points - Exploring the Azure Functions Durable Entities Preview

Julie Lerman discusses Azure Durable Functions and its new Durable Entities feature. She walks through running and debugging a durable entity, with the hope that she can help developers avoid the pitfalls she encountered.

Test Run - Mixture Model Clustering Using C#

If your data appears evenly distributed, then using the k-means algorithm (or one of its many variations) usually works well. But if the data appears skewed, a mixture model clustering approach such as the one James McCaffrey presents in this article often gives better results.