TechNet Flash - Volume 14, Issue 1 - January 4, 2012

Top Stories

TechNet Pro Subscription Offer

This is a great opportunity to get access to full versions of software (for evaluation purposes only) with no time bombs or feature limits. Read the terms and conditions for the offer and make sure to use promo code TNFLA12.

Microsoft Research: Year in Review

It took quite an effort to comprehend fully the breathtaking scope of ideas and projects carried out by the lab's more than 300 researchers and engineers.

Operate Your Windows Server Environment at Peak Performance

A Windows Server environment is like a symphony, and you're the conductor. Refining your art and techniques is a constant learning process.

Video: MVP Jeremy Moskowitz on Tech Trends (Part 2)
Jeremy Moskowitz is a long-time Group Policy MVP and runs the website. I caught up with him at the Windows Connection conference in Las Vegas, and we sat down to talk about cool technology trends. Tune in to this 10-minute interview to hear what Jeremy thinks.

Windows Azure Update Improves Usability and Value
The Windows Azure team announced multiple updates to Windows Azure to improve ease of use, interoperability, and overall value.

Active Directory Rights Management Services at Microsoft
At Microsoft, sensitive business information in email and business documents was at risk of exposure to unauthorized users. Microsoft IT implemented AD DS so that authors could use Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server to restrict access to confidential data.

Twelve Reasons to Love SQL Server 2012: Reason #7 - Credible, Consistent Data
Integrate, cleanse, and manage your data with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Data Quality Services (DQS), and Master Data Services (MDS). And with the BI Semantic model, create a single, scalable model for BI applications. Download the SQL Server 2012 Release Candidate (RC) today and try it for yourself.

The Cloud Fundamentals Video Series: Cloud Agility
John Howie, Senior Director, Microsoft Global Foundation Services, discusses business agility and other potential benefits of leveraging cloud computing.

Virtual Lab: Implementing Centralized Publishing Using Remote Desktop Services
In this lab you will begin by configuring and signing RemoteApp applications. You will then configure the Remote Desktop Connection Broker to aggregate all applications and present them to the user in a unified Remote Desktop Web Access implementation. Next, you will implement application filtering using groups and then make the applications available to outside users by configuring and managing Remote Desktop Gateway.

Workaround Issued for ASP.NET Vulnerability
Microsoft Security Advisory 2659883 details a workaround to help protect sites against a new denial-of-service attack on servers that serve ASP.NET pages.

Case Study: AppLocker Deployment at Microsoft
AppLocker is a feature of Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 that maintains legal and security obligations to prevent the execution of unwanted applications on domain-joined devices. Microsoft is currently blocking unauthorized P2P on the network edge/proxy. This Group Policy setting extends the protection to machines on the corporate network.

Five Tips on Effectively Planning for SharePoint 2010 Migration
SharePoint MVP Dux Raymond Sy shares his insight for those who are considering the migration to SharePoint Server 2010.

Deployment with Service Template in SCVMM 2012
Yung Chou examines service-based deployment introduced in VMM 2012 for building a private cloud.

TechNet Radio: Using MAP 6.5 for Office 365 Deployments
Peter Saddow, Senior Program Manager from the Microsoft Solution Accelerators team, demos the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) for use with Office 365 deployments. See how the MAP Toolkit can help determine the compatibility of Office suites running in an environment with Office 365, as well as how it obtains system-level details about why a specific machine may be incompatible with Office 365, and how to remedy it.