TechNet Flash - Volume 14, Issue 5: February 29, 2012

Top Stories

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Released - What's Next?

You can now test drive Microsoft's vision of a unified operating environment across all your users' computing devices. But the road to Windows 8 goes through Windows 7. See how to prepare now for the next user experience. TechNet Subscribers can get the Consumer Preview bits here.

"Smoked by Windows Phone" Goes Social

"Smoked by Windows Phone" is a fun way of showing how Windows Phone is faster at doing the real stuff that real people do on their smartphones every day. See the Windows Phone Facebook page and download "Smoked by Windows Phone" wallpapers for your phone and desktop.

TechNet Subscription Offer Extended

Get access to full version Microsoft products with no time or feature limits.

Windows 8 and Personal Cloud Storage
Get an update on how Microsoft expects to deliver its vision of personal cloud storage for Windows 8 that will scale to meet the needs of billions of customers who will store hundreds of petabytes of data in the service.

Case Study: Monitoring Applications via Windows Phone 7.5 and the Cloud
Volume Licensing IT Monitor (VLIT) is designed to provide near real-time status on availability and performance for critical applications in the VLIT ecosystem along with their business process mapping. It is difficult for the business and IT leadership to understand which critical business processes are affected if a system is down or having issues. Now with VLIT Monitor, monitoring alerts can be sent directly to your Windows Phone 7.5 device wherever you are.

Twelve Reasons to Love SQL Server 2012: Reason #11 - Optimized Productivity
For an integrated development experience, build for traditional server, private, or public cloud deployments with new SQL Server Data Tools and gain efficiency with T-SQL enhancements. Download the SQL Server 2012 Release Candidate today and try it for yourself.

TechNet Radio: The Consumerization of IT at Microsoft
Director of IT Business Relationships Gus Gustafson joins us to talk about the consumerization of IT. Tune in as he shares some industry insight into this technology trend as well as Microsoft IT's viewpoint on how to embrace a more flexible work style that can benefit employee and company. Also be sure to listen in for how Microsoft IT is preparing internally for Windows 8.

Access Microsoft Forums with This Mobile App
The Microsoft Forums app allows you to access MSDN, TechNet, and Office365 forums from your mobile devices. You can keep on track with the hottest topics, your own threads, favorite forums, search on major topics, FAQs, and the latest news from OneCode and OneScript.

Virtual Lab: System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Hierarchy Install
After completing this lab, you will be better able to prepare Active Directory for System Center Configuration Manager publishing, install a central administration site, install a primary site server, install a secondary site server, view status message activity related to site server installation, and configure appropriate boundaries for the environment.

Application Management in a Private Cloud with System Center 2012
Learn how the application management capabilities in System Center 2012 empower you to deliver applications more cost-effectively, quickly, and reliably to your business.

TechNet Radio: The SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch Event
Bruno Aziza, Worldwide Product Marketing Director for SQL Server, covers the upcoming SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch Event: what we can expect to see, hear, and learn, how to sign up, and how to interact with other attendees online.