TechNet Flash - Volume 14, Issue 7: March 28, 2012

Top Stories

New TechNet Feature: Office 365 in the Real World

See how Microsoft's cloud platform for collaboration, communication, and productivity has been an immediate game-changer for organizations looking to expand beyond traditional work styles.

Scaling Windows 8 to Different Screen Sizes

Your users' work styles can transition day to day. See how Windows 8 is engineered to support the broadest range of display technologies, so you can choose the form factors that provide the best experience for your users.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Technical Support Forums
Did you download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview? TechNet has community forums to support IT pros who are trying out the preview. Visit the TechNet Windows 8 Forum. There are also new community support forums on MSDN and Microsoft Answers, so if you're going to be developing for or user-testing Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 you can get help there, too.

Windows Server "8" File and Storage Services Overview
This topic discusses the File and Storage Services server role in Windows Server "8" Beta, including what's new, a list of role services, and where to find evaluation and deployment information.

TechNet Wiki: Integrate Skype and Facebook Features in SharePoint
Learn how to create a column in SharePoint that shows the current Skype status of the entered account name and get the Facebook Kit for SharePoint.

Twelve Reasons to Love SQL Server 2012 Reason #12 - Extend Any Data, Anywhere
The wave of SQL Server 2012 investments opens up the SQL Server data platform even further with expanded interoperability support. New and enhanced tools help developers maximize existing investments for SQL Server in .NET, C/C++, Java, and PHP, on premises and in the cloud. Try these new tools today: SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux, backward compatibility with ADO.NET, Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.0, and PHP Driver 3.0.

Video: Cloud Computing Security Standards
Tim Rains sat down with Marcia Savage of TechTarget to discuss cloud computing security standards and provider transparency.

Video: How Microsoft Reduced Bandwidth Use with BranchCache
Learn how Microsoft IT leverages BranchCache, which caches local copies of content from web and file servers to enhance performance and reduce bandwidth use on wide-area networks (WANs), eliminating the need for clients on a WAN to go over slower links to get access to files.

Casting Call: We're Looking for SQL Wizards to Work at Microsoft
Some of the brightest minds in the world work at Microsoft - and you could be one of them. We're looking for SQL wizards to audition for Microsoft's new reality show "Be the Next Microsoft Employee." We'll cast six contestants who will use their SQL skills to battle it out in Redmond for an opportunity to interview for a job at Microsoft.

Video: Windows Server "8" VDI
Adam Carter shows off the new Windows Server "8" Beta Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)/Remote Desktop Services and explains how this relates to the "consumerization" of IT.

Cloud Network Architecture in Windows Server "8"
Windows Server "8" presents new opportunities to simplify the datacenter network architecture. With 10GbE and Windows Server 8 support for features like host QoS, DCB support, Hyper-V Extensible Switch QoS and isolation policies, and Hyper-V over SMB, you can now rethink the need for separate networks, as well as how many physical NICs you actually need on the server. Let's take a look at two approaches for simplification.

Guide: Building Hybrid Apps in the Cloud on Windows Azure
This guide maps Windows Azure features with the specific challenges encountered in the hybrid application scenario. Windows Azure now offers a number of advanced services such as service bus, caching, traffic manager, Azure Connect, SQL Azure Data Sync, VM Role, ACS, and more.

Quick Reference Guide: Consumerization of IT
Microsoft IT has supported the consumerization of IT efforts for years at Microsoft and continues to define the balances among hardware, productivity, software, and security. Consumerization of IT has remarkable potential for improving collaboration, productivity, and keeping employees happy with the latest and greatest in software and hardware.

TechNet Radio: Desktop Management with Windows Intune
In this episode, we welcome Technical Evangelist Corbett Hoxland and Windows Specialist Chris Le Texier to show how to streamline and modernize your desktop management processes through Windows Intune. Tune in as we cover what it is, the top reasons why organizations are already using it, how to set it up, plus what's next and what's new in future and current releases.