Applibs adc.h

Header: #include <applibs/adc.h>

The Applibs adc header contains functions and types that interact with analog-to-digital converters (ADC).

Application manifest requirements

To access an ADC, your application must identify it in the Adc field of the application manifest.

Thread safety

ADC functions are thread-safe between calls to different ADC channels; however, it is the caller’s responsibility to ensure thread safety when accessing the same ADC channel.

Hardware dependent IDs

ADC functions reference some identifiers that are hardware dependent. Hardware dependent IDs are constants that are defined in the hardware definition files for a device. For more information, see Manage target hardware dependencies.

Concepts and samples


Function Description
ADC_GetSampleBitCount Gets the bit depth of the ADC.
ADC_Open Opens an ADC controller, and returns a file descriptor to use for subsequent calls.
ADC_Poll Gets sample data for an ADC channel.
ADC_SetReferenceVoltage Sets the reference voltage for an ADC.


Typedef Description
ADC_ChannelId The ID of an ADC channel.
ADC_ControllerId The ID of an ADC controller.