Important changes (retiring features) in Azure Sphere CLI

This topic describes the features, commands, or parameters that have been or will be retired and removed from the Azure Sphere CLI. Retiring features will be removed in a future update as described in this blog post.

When a feature, parameter, or command is first listed as retired, support for using it with the Azure Sphere CLI is scheduled to be removed in a future update. This information is provided to help you plan for alternatives. This topic lists the dates of retirement and support removal for a retired feature.


"Retiring" means we intend to remove the feature from a future major release. The feature will continue to work and is fully supported until it is officially removed, which can span several months. After removal, the feature will no longer work. This notice is to allow you sufficient time to plan and update your scripts before the retiring feature, command, or parameter is removed.

Retiring features

The following features are retiring. You can still use them now, but there are plans to end support in the future.

Feature Description Retirement Announced Supported removed
azsphere device network update-interface The --interface-name parameter is changed to --interface. 21.07 (07/21/2021) (TBD)
azsphere device certificate delete The --cert-id parameter is changed to --certificate. 21.07 (07/21/2021) (TBD)
azsphere device certificate show The --cert-id parameter is changed to --certificate. 21.07 (07/21/2021) (TBD)