Update the OS on an early dev kit

All Azure Sphere devices are shipped from the manufacturer with the Azure Sphere OS installed. Most devices can be updated over the internet, including Seeed Mini Dev Kits and all kits from other manufacturers. Some early Seeed MT3620 Development Kits, however, may require manual update if they have never been used. If you have such a board that has never been used, follow these steps to update the OS manually:

  1. Connect the board to the PC by USB.

  2. Open a command-line interface using PowerShell, Windows Command Prompt, or Linux command shell.

  3. Update your board by using the recovery procedure:

    azsphere device recover

    You should see output similar to this, though the number of images downloaded might vary:

    Downloading recovery images...
    Download complete.
    Starting device recovery. Please note that this may take up to 10 minutes.
    Board found. Sending recovery bootloader.
    Erasing flash.
    Sending 16 images. (5461232 bytes to send)
    Sent 1 of 16 images. (5431060 of 5461232 bytes remaining)
    Sent 2 of 16 images. (5315180 of 5461232 bytes remaining)
    Sent 16 of 16 images. (0 of 5461232 bytes remaining)
    Finished writing images; rebooting board.
    Device ID: <GUID>
    Device recovered successfully.