Install a preview version of Azure Stack HCI

Applies to: Azure Stack HCI preview channel

This article provides instructions on installing a preview version of Azure Stack HCI OS using Windows Admin Center or PowerShell.

Once you've joined the preview channel, your cluster will always be offered the latest available preview builds on a continuous basis.

Install feature updates

  1. In Windows Admin Center, select Updates from the Tools pane at the left. If you've successfully joined the preview channel, feature updates will be displayed.

    Feature updates will be displayed

  1. Select Install. A readiness check will be displayed. If any of the condition checks fail, resolve them before proceeding.

    A readiness check will be displayed

  2. When the readiness check is complete, you're ready to install the updates. Unless you want the ability to roll back the updates, check the optional Update the cluster functional level to enable new features checkbox; otherwise, you can update the cluster functional level post-installation using PowerShell. Review the updates listed, and select Install to start the update.

    Review the updates and install them

  3. You'll be able to see the installation progress as in the screenshot below. Because you're updating the operating system with new features, the updates may take a while to complete. You can continue to use Windows Admin Center for other operations during the update process.

    You'll be able to see the installation progress as updates are installed


    If the updates appear to fail with a Couldn't install updates or Couldn't check for updates warning, or if one or more servers indicates couldn't get status during the updating run, try waiting a few minutes and refreshing your browser. You can also use Get-CauRun to check the status of the updating run with PowerShell.

  4. When the feature updates are complete, check if any further updates are available and install them.

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