Monitor updates with PowerShell in Azure Stack Hub

You can use the Azure Stack Hub administrative endpoints to monitor and manage your updates. They're accessible with PowerShell. For instructions on getting set up with PowerShell on Azure Stack Hub, see Install PowerShell for Azure Stack Hub.

You can use the following PowerShell cmdlets to manage your updates:

Cmdlet Description
Get-AzsUpdate Get the list of available updates.
Get-AzsUpdateLocation Get the list of update locations.
Get-AzsUpdateRun Get the list of update runs.
Install-AzsUpdate Apply a specific update at an update location.
Resume-AzsUpdateRun Resumes a previously started update run that failed.

Get a list of update runs

To get the list of update runs, run the following command:

Get-AzsUpdateRun -UpdateName Microsoft1.0.180302.1

Resume a failed update operation

If the update fails, you can resume the update run where it left off by running the following command:

Get-AzsUpdateRun -Name 5173e9f4-3040-494f-b7a7-738a6331d55c -UpdateName Microsoft1.0.180305.1 | Resume-AzsUpdateRun


For more information on troubleshooting updates, see Azure Stack Troubleshooting.

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