Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub operator overview

Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub allows you to realize hybrid cloud scenarios. Streaming and event-based solutions are supported, for both on-premises and Azure cloud processing. Whether your scenario is hybrid (connected), or disconnected, your solution can support processing of events/streams at large scale. Your scenario is bound only by cluster size, which you can provision according to your needs.


See the Azure Stack Hub User documentation for a feature comparison, between Event Hubs on Azure Stack vs. Azure Event Hubs.

Feature documentation

To learn more about the Event Hubs user experience, refer to the Azure Event Hubs documentation. This documentation applies to both editions of Event Hubs, and contains topics such as:

Next steps

Review Capacity planning for Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub, before beginning the installation process. Understanding capacity planning will help you ensure your users have the capacity they require.