Validate software updates from Microsoft

Microsoft will periodically release updates to the Azure Stack Hub software. These updates are provided to Azure Stack Hub co-engineering partners. The updates are provided in advance of publicly available updates. You can check the updates against your solution and provide feedback to Microsoft.

Microsoft software updates to Azure Stack Hub are designated using a naming convention. For example, the name 1803 indicates the update is for March 2018. For information about the Azure Stack Hub servicing policy and release notes, see Azure Stack Hub servicing policy.


Before you exercise the monthly update process in validation as a service (VaaS), you should be familiar with the following items:

Required tests

The following tests must be executed in the following order for monthly software validation:

  • OEM Validation Workflow

Validating software updates

  1. Create a new Package Validation workflow.
  2. For the required tests above, follow the instructions from Run Package Validation tests. See the section below for additional instructions on the Monthly Azure Stack Hub Update Verification test.

If you have questions or concerns, contact VaaS Help.

Next steps