Deploy a template with the command line in Azure Stack Hub

You can use the Azure command-line interface (CLI) to deploy Azure Resource Manager templates in Azure Stack Hub. Azure Resource Manager templates deploy and set up resources for your app in a single, coordinated action.

Deploy template

  1. Browse the AzureStack-QuickStart-Templates repo and find the 101-create-storage-account template. Save the template (azuredeploy.json) and parameter files (azuredeploy.parameters.json) to a location on your local drive such C:\templates\
  2. Navigate to the folder into which you downloaded the files.
  3. Install and connect to Azure Stack Hub with Azure CLI.
  4. Update the region and location in the following command. Use local for the location parameter if you are using the ASDK. To deploy the template:
    az group create --name testDeploy --location local
    az deployment group create --resource-group testDeploy --template-file ./azuredeploy.json --parameters ./azuredeploy.parameters.json

This command deploys the template to the resource group testDeploy in your Azure Stack Hub instance.

Validate template deployment

To review the resource group and storage account, run the following CLI commands:

az group list
az storage account list

Next steps

Learn how to deploy templates using PowerShell.