App support for SMS-based authentication

SMS-based authentication is available to Microsoft apps integrated with the Microsoft Identity platform (Azure AD). The table lists some of the web and mobile apps that support SMS-based authentication. If you would like to add or validate any app, contact us.

App Web/browser app Native mobile app
Office 365- Microsoft Online Services*
Microsoft One Note
Microsoft Teams
Company portal
My Apps Portal Not available
Microsoft Forms Not available
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Stream
Microsoft Power Apps
Microsoft Azure
Azure Virtual Desktop

*SMS sign-in isn't available for office applications, such as Word, Excel, etc., when accessed directly on the web, but is available when accessed through the Office 365 web app

The above mentioned Microsoft apps support SMS sign-in is because they use the Microsoft Identity login (, which allows user to enter phone number and SMS code.

Unsupported Microsoft apps

Microsoft 365 desktop (Windows or Mac) apps and Microsoft 365 web apps (except MS One Note) that are accessed directly on the web don't support SMS sign-in. These apps use the Microsoft Office login (*) that requires a password to sign in. For the same reason, Microsoft Office mobile apps (except Microsoft Teams, Company Portal, and Microsoft Azure) don't support SMS sign-in.

Unsupported Microsoft apps Examples
Native desktop Microsoft apps Microsoft Teams, O365 apps, Word, Excel, etc.
Native mobile Microsoft apps (except Microsoft Teams, Company Portal, and Microsoft Azure) Outlook, Edge, Power BI, Stream, SharePoint, Power Apps, Word, etc.
Microsoft 365 web apps (accessed directly on web) Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive

Support for Non-Microsoft apps

To make Non-Micorosoft apps compatible with the SMS sign-in feature:

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