Configure multifactor authentication using the portal guide

Microsoft Entra features help you manage and secure your organization. This setup guide helps you get started with Azure's multifactor authentication capabilities. In the following section, we’ll briefly describe the setup guide.

Who is this setup guide for?

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for IT administrators to implement multifactor authentication in their organization. It's designed for administrators who are new to MFA and need guidance on where to begin.

What to expect and what you need

The setup guides help you configure the core functionality of Microsoft Entra ID. If you need to set up a more advanced configuration, the setup guide points you to the appropriate location in the Microsoft Entra portal.

Required permissions

You must be a member of the following administrative roles:

  • Global administrator: allows you to use integrated tools in the setup guides to make changes in your Microsoft 365 organization.

  • Global reader: allows you to view the setup guides but not make changes in your tenant.

Configure multifactor authentication

If you're using Microsoft Entra ID P1 or P2, we guide you through a setup process that's tailored to your needs. Our customized Conditional Access policies include the most common and least intrusive security standards we recommend. If you're not subscribed to a premium license, we help you keep your account secure with our one-click security defaults enabled to give you a baseline protection policy.

Next steps