Migrate a classic policy in the Azure portal

This article shows how to migrate a classic policy that requires multifactor authentication for a cloud app. Although it isn't a prerequisite, we recommend that you read Migrate classic policies in the Azure portal before you start migrating your classic policies.

Classic policy details requiring MFA for Salesforce app

The migration process consists of the following steps:

  1. Open the classic policy to get the configuration settings.
  2. Create a new Azure AD Conditional Access policy to replace your classic policy.
  3. Disable the classic policy.

Open a classic policy

  1. In the Azure portal, navigate to Azure Active Directory > Security > Conditional Access.

  2. Select, Classic policies.

    Classic policies view

  3. In the list of classic policies, select the policy you wish to migrate. Document the configuration settings so that you can re-create with a new Conditional Access policy.

For examples of common policies and their configuration in the Azure portal, see the article Common Conditional Access policies.

Disable the classic policy

To disable your classic policy, select Disable in the Details view.

Disable classic policies

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