What's deprecated in Azure Active Directory?

The lifecycle of functionality, features, and services are governed by policy, support timelines, data, also leadership and engineering team decisions. Lifecycle information allows customers to predictably plan long-term deployment aspects, transition from outdated to new technology, and help improve business outcomes. Use the definitions below to understand the following table with change information about Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) features, services, and functionality.

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Upcoming changes

Use the following table to learn about changes including deprecations, retirements, breaking changes and rebranding. Also find key dates and recommendations.


Dates and times are United States Pacific Standard Time, and are subject to change.

Functionality, feature, or service Change Change date
Microsoft Authenticator app Number matching Feature change May 8, 2023
Azure AD DS virtual network deployments Retirement Mar 1, 2023
License management API, PowerShell Retirement *Mar 31, 2023
Azure AD Authentication Library (ADAL) Retirement Jun 30, 2023
Azure AD Graph API Deprecation Jun 30, 2023
Azure AD PowerShell and MSOnline PowerShell Deprecation Jun 30, 2023
Azure AD MFA Server Retirement Sep 30, 2024

* The legacy license management API and PowerShell cmdlets will not work for new tenants created after Nov 1, 2022.


Later versions of functionality, features, and services might not meet current security requirements. Microsoft may be unable to provide security updates for older products.

See the following two sections for definitions of categories, change state, etc.

Deprecation, retirement, breaking change, feature change, and rebranding

Use the definitions in this section help clarify the state, availability, and support of features, services, and functionality.

Category Definition Communication schedule
Deprecation The state of a feature, functionality, or service no longer in active development. A deprecated feature might be retired and removed from future releases. 2 times per year: March and September
Retirement Signals retirement in a specified period. Customers can’t adopt the service or feature, and engineering investments are reduced. Later, the feature reaches end-of-life and is unavailable to any customer. 2 times per year: March and September
Breaking change A change that might break the customer or partner experience if action isn’t taken, or a change made, for continued operation. 4 times per year: March, June, September, and December
Feature change Change to an IDNA feature that requires no customer action, but is noticeable to them. Typically, these changes are in the user interface/user experperience (UI/UX). 4 times per year: March, June, September, and December
Rebranding A new name, term, symbol, design, concept or combination thereof for an established brand to develop a differentiated experience. As scheduled or announced


  • End-of-life - engineering investments have ended, and the feature is unavailable to any customer

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