Run a workflow on-demand (Preview)

Scheduled workflows by default run every 3 hours, but can also run on-demand so that they can be applied to specific users whenever you see fit. A workflow can be run on demand for any user, and doesn't take into account whether or not a user meets the workflow's execution conditions. Running a workflow on-demand allows you to test workflows before their scheduled run. This testing, on a set of users up to 10 at a time, allows you to see how a workflow will run before it processes a larger set of users. Testing your workflow before their scheduled runs helps you proactively solve potential lifecycle issues more quickly.

Run a workflow on-demand in the Azure portal

Use the following steps to run a workflow on-demand.


To be run on demand, the workflow must be enabled.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Select Azure Active Directory and then select Identity Governance.

  3. On the left menu, select Lifecycle workflows (Preview).

  4. select Workflows (Preview)

  5. On the workflow screen, select the specific workflow you want to run.

    Screenshot of a list of Lifecycle Workflows workflows to run on-demand.

  6. Select Run on demand.

  7. On the select users tab, select add users.

  8. On the add users screen, select the users you want to run the on demand workflow for.

    Screenshot of add users for on-demand workflow.

  9. Select Add

  10. Confirm your choices and select Run workflow.

    Screenshot of a workflow being run on-demand.

Run a workflow on-demand using Microsoft Graph

To run a workflow on-demand using API via Microsoft Graph, see: workflow: activate (run a workflow on-demand).

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