Azure services that support Azure AD authentication

The following services support Azure AD authentication. New services are added to Azure every day. Refer to each service's documentation for specific details on their level of Azure Active Directory support.

Service Name Documentation
API Management Authorize developer accounts by using Azure Active Directory in Azure API Management
Azure App Configuration Authorize access to Azure App Configuration using Azure Active Directory
Azure App Services Configure your App Service or Azure Functions app to use Azure AD login
Azure Batch Authenticate Batch service solutions with Active Directory
Azure Container Registry Authenticate with an Azure container registry
Azure Cognitive Services Authenticate requests to Azure Cognitive Services
Azure Communication Services Authenticate to Azure Communication Services
Azure Cosmos DB Configure role-based access control with Azure Active Directory for your Azure Cosmos DB account
Azure Databricks Authenticate using Azure Active Directory tokens
Azure Data Explorer How-To Authenticate with Azure Active Directory for Azure Data Explorer Access
Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 Authentication with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 using Azure Active Directory
Azure Database for PostgreSQL Use Azure Active Directory for authentication with PostgreSQL
Azure Digital Twins Set up an Azure Digital Twins instance and authentication (portal)
Azure Event Hubs Authenticate an application with Azure Active Directory to access Event Hubs resources
Azure IoT Hub Control access to IoT Hub
Azure Key Vault Authentication in Azure Key Vault
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Control access to cluster resources using Kubernetes role-based access control and Azure Active Directory identities in Azure Kubernetes Service
Azure Machine Learning Services Set up authentication for Azure Machine Learning resources and workflows
Azure Maps Manage authentication in Azure Maps
Azure Media services Access the Azure Media Services API with Azure AD authentication
Azure Monitor Azure AD authentication for Application Insights (Preview)
Azure Resource Manager Azure security baseline for Azure Resource Manager
Azure Service Fabric Set up Azure Active Directory for client authentication
Azure Service Bus Service Bus authentication and authorization
Azure SignalR Service Authorize access with Azure Active Directory for Azure SignalR Service
Azure SQL Use Azure Active Directory authentication
Azure SQL Managed Instance What is Azure SQL Managed Instance?
Azure Static Web Apps Authentication and authorization for Azure Static Web Apps
Azure Storage Authorize access to blobs using Azure Active Directory
Azure Virtual Machines Secure and use policies on virtual machines in Azure

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